Combining technology and business: OEE, a case in point


The following is a successful case study of a technological implementation project in an industrial context. Specifically, we will deal with the theme of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) declined in the implementation of a technology with industrial applications within a consulting project.



OEE is certainly one of the most important indexes for measuring overall performance for manufacturing plants, in this sense the quantitative measurement of the effectiveness of the production cycle is a rapidly growing trend in recent years. Cloud-based technologies such as IoT have recently made it possible to obtain a large amount of production data at a very affordable cost compared to more traditional systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

In the course of my consulting experience, I have had the opportunity to establish several partnerships capable of providing us, like Quodigi, with the ability to bring technology into industrial realities in an efficient and business-oriented manner. Among the many partnerships we have established is one with the company Techmass (, a young and fast growing company able to provide smart technologies for the measurement of OEE in the field of industrial production. In short, the technology is composed of a series of layers:

  • Measuring sensors
  • Data acquisition system connected to the internet
  • Tablet for real-time display of production status / downtime control
  • Online dashboard for saving production information and retrieving historical data



Everything is configured as a simple and effective plug and play system in which, in a few minutes, any production machinery can be sensorized and connected to the network to transmit real-time information on production, lot by lot.

The technology, read through the characteristics that best represent its added value, can therefore be summarized as follows:

  • Low cost cloud based system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Operator focus through minimal process intrusiveness and high attention to UI/UX
  • System perfectly suitable for the retrofit of obsolete machinery from a technological point of view in terms of production monitoring


Consultancy project

As mentioned at the beginning, technology is presented as one of the fundamental pillars of what has been for us a success case from the point of view of a consulting project. In this sense, a company with tens of years of experience in the industrial production of millions of items on an annual basis, needed help with a progressive plan to modernize the production system aimed at measuring its efficiency.

Our role as Quodigi was, initially, to evaluate if and how the technology could provide significant added value for the business without burdening the production processes, both from a cost point of view and obviously of pure intrusiveness in the processes themselves. The following scheme shows the approach we wanted to give to the project:



The project was therefore structured starting with the introduction of technologies for measuring OEE on a test machine in order to familiarize the customer with the acquisition of digital information. In this first phase, the technology was predominant and enabling for the next block of consulting in which the management of data and its use for the efficiency of the production system are an integral and natural consequence of the digitization of data.


The management of technology and its implementation in an effective and useful way over time is an issue of great interest for all the actors involved (technology producers, consultants, end customers) and also a delicate issue due to the presence of many entities involved, which are by their nature very different from each other.

Management by multi-disciplinary teams, capable of coordinating technology, corporate IT departments and associated business models can ensure a very high probability of success.

The management of the project together with the correct setup of the client's expectations within a heterogeneous but coordinated team allowed us to obtain satisfactory results, providing yet another concrete use-case to support our business.

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Lucius Pinzoni
Lucius Pinzoni
Aerospace Engineer, I helped found my first IoT start-up at 26 years old managing the implementation of hardware/software technology and the evolution of the business operations side. For the last two years I have been working as a management consultant in the technological-digital field, with the aim of driving the evolution of digital transformation creating tangible value for the business.
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