Quodigi delivers strategy consulting within the digital ecosystem, developing projects tailored on the client’s needs.


Based on our background, we developed a horizontal and organic approach.

Our background comes from entrepreneurial experiences in tech and digital world. We enhance the company’s growth by elaborating original solutions, supporting implementation effectively through the whole process and being side-by-side in promoting the achievement of each relevant objective within the company.

We come up with tailored solutions based on each specific situation in order to meet the client’s strategic and operational needs. We design strategies at first, and then suggest the path for operative implementations taking into account strategy, budget and relevant objectives.


Based on our background, we developed a horizontal and organic approach.

We take an analog project into the digital world, by interpreting it as an architectural project orchestrating a multitude of components and complexities. On the background, we hold the vision and control of a project manager to monitor and drive each process toward its optimum.

By mastering integration of the heterogeneous skills and professionals that take part in each digital project, we identify and optimise each key aspect of the project itself. ottimizzare ogni aspetto del nostro lavoro. This mix of skills gives us a 360° vision that guarantees the positive outcome of our work.

With our deeply entrepreneurial approach, our young age (our team is averagely 30 y.o.) and lean mindset, we deliver a quick and effective impact to each project.


We help building and developing each business focussing on its digital architecture and footprint.

Strategy Consulting
A corporate strategy that does not incorporate a digital strategy is not competitive on today’s market. Having this in mind, we analyse needs and opportunities behind each client’s business from a strategic angle, with the goal of defining and implementing digital solutions that are firstly tailored, effective and sustainable, and only then “digital” and “innovative”.

Digital architecture
Each digital solution is framed into a comprehensive and organic vision: we take into account each functional and structural component of the company itself, in order to develop an effective project generating a positive reflection towards its surrounding ecosystem. A correct digital architecture creates the optimal relationship between the company and its surroundings, such as a the market & clients, suppliers & partners, and supporting its core foundation, the employees.

Project Management
Once a project has been defined, we take responsibility of the results and we promote team work between our client and us, at any level needed to drive the project to succeed. With this approach, we generate the lateral benefit of transferring digital knowledge and skills to the company itself, and developing the digital culture and mindset internally.


Our horizontal expertise and approach impacts positively different areas


Research/Data Science
Ecosystem Planning
Social Strategy
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Recruitment Team


Growth hacking
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Digital PR/DEM


Branding & Positioning
User Experience
Design Thinking
Product Design
Copywriting & Scripting
Creative Campaign


Digital Infrastructure
Algorithms and Big Data
Backend Technology
Native Applications/IoT
Server Side Engineering
CMS & Platform Builds