of digital challenges

Quodigi supports companies as an independent partner, in the path of affirmation in the digital ecosystem


The quality of the working method as a prerequisite for results

We are constantly refining our methodologies to respond to the different needs of clients and the evolution of technologies and markets. We implement digital projects and solutions by applying three main ways of working:

The "turnkey" approach is applicable exclusively to projects characterized by circumscribed objectives, to the construction of "digital products" or to the realization of studies, analyses and assessments. It is not compatible, therefore, with business consulting and management consulting.  

Once the timescales, specifications and outputs of the turnkey project have been agreed, Quodigi works autonomously, limiting its contacts with the customer to the exchange of information and the resolution of any emerging problems, which were initially unforeseeable.   

Quodigi ensures the conformity, quality and timeliness of the outputs, while the outcomes are the sole responsibility of the client.

The possible training of the professional figures identified by the Customer can be foreseen, both in a position of accompaniment during the project, and in special sessions following the delivery of the deliverables.  

When the digital project has a transversal impact on the company and is characterized by articulated and challenging objectives, Quodigi works in close interaction with the client company, not only in the work setting phases, but also at an operational level. 

This interaction is based on a punctual and formalized Work Plan, adopting Project Management methodologies appropriate to the level of complexity of the project and the type of opportunities involved.

One or more working groups may be set up according to the needs of the company management. 

In projects involving Planned Interaction, Quodigi ensures compliance, quality and timeliness of both outputs and outcomes.

Vocational training is always provided on the job and can be further developed, at all levels, both during the course of the project and after its completion.

The most ambitious and challenging business projects are generally characterized by high levels of complexity, uncertainty and indeterminacy. These include, for example, the introduction of radical technological innovations, the launch of new businesses, the reorientation of corporate culture and paradigms in a "digital" sense.  

When dealing with projects of this type, the strict ex ante programming and operational planning of activities show all their limits, setting constraints and obligatory steps that can become real obstacles to the achievement of the final objectives.

Open working methods and Event oriented allow instead to constantly adapt the resources, activities and priorities of the project to the evolution of the context and to the emergence of unforeseen events, latent problems and also opportunities not initially known.

Therefore, Quodigi recommends the adoption of open methodologies and Event orientedbased on the logic of the Complexity management and theAgile managementwith the aim of maximizing the final result, employing the company's resources in the best possible way and exploiting emerging opportunities.

It is an approach that requires a high quality of interaction between the consultancy and the Client, through the establishment of a motivated and qualified working group that can rely on a strong commitment of the top management.

With the development of "open projects" also the possible training of human resources takes on a special value, strongly focused on empowerment and self-realization, as well as functional to the knowledge management objectives of the company.

Each design approach corresponds to specific methods of interaction and operational collaboration between Quodigi and the Client, from the most structured and binding to the most open and creative.

Managing uncertainty and complexity

The design approach to be adopted is defined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the Client's history, characteristics and preferences, as well as the level of uncertainty of the competitive environment and the level of complexity of the objectives to be achieved.

Once defined and shared, the Digital Project is developed according to the specific operating procedures shared with the Customer and formalized in the contractual agreement, which also establishes precise moments of verification of the progress of the work

In relation to the type of digital project Quodigi applies specific team building and working group management techniques, both to support the motivation of those directly involved and to maximize their effectiveness. For the same reasons we always recommend a strong and explicit commitment on the part of top management.

Any training activity is carried out by minimising the impact on current company activities and favouring, where possible, on-the-job training.

A collaboration model for Digital Project success and business growth

All projects entrusted to Quodigi can be integrated with the training of personnel or company management, with the aim of contributing to the development of digital skills and culture.

Both digital projects and related training can be conceived and implemented by Quodigi in such a way as to enable the customer to acquire all the facilities and public funding available, both interest and non-refundable.

We pay the utmost attention to the enhancement and optimization of the resources employed (economic, but not only), in the broader corporate interest and not only in the service of the Digital Project entrusted to us.

For its services, Quodigi is always willing to evaluate forms of remuneration linked to the success and tangible results of the digital project developed for the customer ("success fee" agreements).

Each digital project developed in true partnership with the customer represents, for Quodigi, an opportunity for cultural exchange and human and professional growth.

Significant experiences

Getting an idea through implemented projects

We deal with:

  • Interim cover for senior marketing manager
  • Support in the drafting of the strategy for online presence
  • Support in the implementation of the digital project and verification of the strategy + recruitment

The goal is to allow the client to safely take their first steps into the world of online marketing and at the same time identify the right person to fill the role of marketing manager.

We deal with:

  • Strategic definition of the digital marketing plan maximizing yield/investment both in economic and BI terms
  • Identification of optimal technology/business model and implementation plan for pilot project
  • Supervise and monitor execution, train resources where required

The goal is to get the client to generate a credible online sales model, and get the first set of marketing data that allows them to assess/confirm sustainability, efficiency, choice of strategic channels.

We deal with:

  • Brainstorming with partners on key opportunities
  • Focus on a specific theme for an industry of reference
  • Development of a pilot project on this issue with a company client


The objective is to provide the client with the specific skills needed to validate some hypotheses of new lines of offer and to be able to test them in the field.

We deal with:

  • Analysis of resources allocated and skills, organizational quality, suppliers and partners
  • Analysis of financial results, definition of specific KPIs for the business in question
  • Identification of areas of excellence and areas with room for improvement, any suggestions on strategy/organisation/operations

The objective is to provide the client with an objective assessment of the investment made in digital marketing and its return.

We deal with:

  • Definition of predictive and prescriptive algorithm and implementation
  • 360° business unit development on developed algorithm
  • Follow up and integration of the project into the company's business lines

The goal is to provide the customer with a business unit that can be easily integrated into existing business processes, based on innovative technology and under customer control.

We deal with:

  • Assessment of the information content of the database
  • Brainstorming with management on monetization opportunities
  • Market analysis for the identified initiative
  • Drafting of the operational plan of the initiative


The goal is to empower the client to make an informed assessment of whether to start a new line of business.

The Web intelligence platform, the web project monitoring and evaluation tool designed for management

We help you to build your online strategy with the right technological tools and to develop it in line with your business objectives.

We support you in the development of business units, spin-off or startup, on topics related to digital transformation