Digital innovation

Quodigi provides solutions in the digital ecosystem by designing services and projects at customer scale.

The web strategy intelligence platform

IO is the advanced business intelligence platform based on data analytics, developed by Quodigi on proprietary algorithm. It provides company management with an overview of the elements of its web project and indications for improving company performance compared to competitors in the sector.

Business unit or spin-off in digital transformation topics

360° service from the strategic definition, to the development of the organization up to the rapid prototyping of the new product or service in the themes of digital transformation: digital marketing, data analytics and advanced data, IoT, innovative platforms

Advisory for business growth on the web

Around every company there is a complex ecosystem made up of digital vendors that deliver very fragmented services and software that often do not keep in touch with business strategies. Helping you to build your digital strategy for us means choosing the right topic of transformation, the right technology and developing it in line with your business objectives.

Digital Services

Dedicated services for specific answers

When we already know the perimeter on which to operate, we take care of circumstantial projects in the fields where our know-how is more solid, such as:

Strategic marketing to increase sales, lead generation, and
your brand awareness online

Improve understanding of your data, new models and platforms to harness the power of advanced analytics and AI


Dedicated consulting to optimize or enhance business processes through the Internet of Things and technology

Train management on the digital skills needed to improve business performance

The Web intelligence platform, the web project monitoring and evaluation tool designed for management

We help you to build your online strategy with the right technological tools and to develop it in line with your business objectives.

We support you in the development of business units, spin-off or startup, on topics related to digital transformation