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Possessing business know-how on digital transformation has become a prerogative for any company planning for the challenges of the future


Thanks to tax credit bonuses, it is possible to innovate in the company areas of sales and marketing, information technology and techniques, production technologies.

Constantly following all the latest digital and technological news has become complex, fragmented and difficult to read. Between startups, new businesses, constant mutations and ever-increasing speed of transformation, it becomes expensive and inefficient for any company to follow the evolution outside the company itself.

Quodigi acts as an external partner and offers its own advisory on innovation, bringing the client a business intelligence tool that is truly business compliant on innovation.

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Market research on innovation of digital enabling technologies and companies for corporate clients

We deal with:

  • Define a medium-term plan in which trends, market studies, selection of innovative startups in the related industry are provided to the client company
  • Study the most interesting phenomena and bring only those that are enabling for business integration
  • Follow up and mentorship of company management on digital, technology and innovation issues

The goal is to implement a medium-term path in which, thanks to our advisory services, the final corporate company can navigate with more serenity on issues related to innovation, planning integration and development paths where necessary.

Definition of business strategy for a consulting company on innovation issues

We deal with:

  • Definition of commercial macro-objectives to be achieved by the client company
  • Definition and implementation of a business strategy on innovation issues
  • Follow up of the company in the implementation of commercial strategies from strategy to sales communication

The objective is to provide the client company with a new tool tool, for the promotion and sale of products with a high technological impact, to be included in its commercial pipeline to enhance its internal assets.

The Web intelligence platform, the web project monitoring and evaluation tool designed for management

We help you to build your online strategy with the right technological tools and to develop it in line with your business objectives.

We support you in the development of business units, spin-off or startup, on topics related to digital transformation