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Quodigi builds, optimizes or overhauls your digital strategy, to make it a real competitive advantage over competitors


Every successful company has its own business strategy, whether implicit or formalized, but the same cannot be said for the Digital strategy.
Yet a valid digital strategy is increasingly necessary, because around every company there is a complex ecosystem made up of a multitude of digital suppliers that provide services, tools and software in a fragmented way, while the various internal functions struggle to coordinate and speak the same digital language.
Having a clear digital strategy means laying the foundations to ensure the coherence, synergy and full effectiveness and efficiency of all digital activities of the company, both when these activities represent the very object of the business, and when they are instrumental to more conventional business (in this case we talk about enabling digital technologies).

Quodigi does not replace top management in defining the digital strategy for which they are responsible, but supports them:

  1. in the vision and interpretation of the framework
  2. in the explication and formalization of the digital strategy, at the service of the more general business strategy
  3. in the definition of the resulting operational plan of digital actions

Further support may possibly be provided for the implementation of the operational plan of digital actions, but keeping the development of the digital strategy separate from its application is fundamental for Quodigi, which acts as an independent advisor with respect to possible suppliers of technological solutions.

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Strategic development for innovative startup

We deal with:

  • Strategic definition of the digital marketing plan maximizing yield/investment both in economic and BI terms
  • Identification of optimal technology/business model and implementation plan for pilot project
  • Supervise and monitor execution, train resources where required

The goal is to get the client to generate a credible online sales model, and get the first set of marketing data that allows them to assess/confirm sustainability, efficiency, choice of strategic channels.

Assessment and business analysis for a data monetization initiative in the publishing sector

We deal with:

  • Assessment of the information content of the database
  • Brainstorming with management on monetization opportunities
  • Market analysis for the identified initiative
  • Drafting of the operational plan of the initiative


The goal is to empower the client to make an informed assessment of whether to start a new line of business.

The Web intelligence platform, the web project monitoring and evaluation tool designed for management

We help you to build your online strategy with the right technological tools and to develop it in line with your business objectives.

We support you in the development of business units, spin-off or startup, on topics related to digital transformation