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Implementing a web strategy for those who do business through the web has become essential in all sectors and scales. We have created IO, the tool that helps you optimize and control your company's digital strategy and thus improve your web presence over time.

The digital presence is a very important element, to evaluate it it is necessary to collect data on the market, on the reference sector, on the positioning of the company, to evaluate the choices made in technologies such as User Experience or marketing, process everything and from there implement or evaluate the most appropriate web strategy.

To do this, it takes an infinite amount of time and economic resources and know-how and in the end, as sometimes happens, web strategies are developed that become counterproductive for the company. There is no shortage of very famous cases of failure due to the wrong strategic choices both in the context of startups and large companies and it is precisely for this reason that hybrid figures such as those of the digital strategistthat is to say, the figure that encompasses business skills, project management and more technical skills such as a strong experience in digital marketing, user experience and technologies.


One of the dashboards available within the platform with benchmarks and general and category rankings - Quodigi IO


The IO platform

From our experience in digital strategy consulting comes the IO platform, created to provide a tool for business decision makers that can help them assess the strengths and weaknesses of the entire digital presence and thus make more informed and data-driven decisions:

  • Benchmark, through which you can compare your website, with competing websites, in this way you can evaluate the best strategy to implement to increase your competitiveness and expand your digital presence.
  • Competitive Analysis, which allows you to have an overview of the comparison of the site, evaluating both the strengths and weaknesses of the latter, so as to go to act on them, through what we might call web business intelligence.
  • Monitoringto evaluate the real position of your website in general and in your specific industry through comparative rankings.
  • Dynamic algorithmThe platform is based on, which is modulated on the basis of the type of website (e-commerce, showcase site, platform) and the reference sector (b2c, b2b, PA), in order to keep up to date with the new trends and changes occurring on the web and specifically in your reference sector, giving you an up-to-date situation of your sector and trend, so that you have the right indications on the trends to follow to make your website grow.
  • Trendwhich monitors all general and sector trends, comparing the site's progress with that of its competitors, so as to take advantage of all favourable situations and exploit all opportunities to advance with respect to the latter.
  • Actionable Insights, which are nothing more than a report based on all the data collected, which allows you to better evaluate your web strategy, to improve the weakest areas and increase growth and preside over those of strength in order not to be overtaken


The performance on two categories of our algorithm and some detectable insights - Quodigi IO



Analysis and evaluation of your digital presence

The IO platform is based on data analytics: we collect and process data, of your website, competitors and the reference sector. It makes an assessment through 5 categories that are very important for digital presence. These sectors are:

  • Communication, to assess the user experience using the site, the quality of the web design and evaluate the mobile experience and operation;
  • Technology, to assess whether the technologies adopted are the most suitable for the purpose, the performance of the website, even from mobile devices and optimize them;
  • Digital Marketingto evaluate brand awareness, advertising and SEO (search engine positioning);
  • Social Mediato evaluate the most relevant social media positioning, followers and engagement;
  • Analytics, to assess the quality of reading data that is collected by your website, the use or not of additional tools and technological profiling of the site.


By evaluating you in these five categories using our algorithm, you will then be able to get clear information about your positioning within the digital space and what strategy needs to be implemented based on the data that has been processed.


Company-specific solutions

IO Prois the solution suitable and created for small and medium-sized companies that want to verify, improve and optimize their digital presence, which includes all the tools seen at the beginning of the article, namely: benchmarking, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, comparison with competitors in the sector, algorithm and actionable insights.

IO Enterprise on the other hand is the solution for larger companies that have greater needs, on what is the control and growth of their digital presence. It allows, in addition to all the tools present in the IO Pro solution, the integration with customized modules and detailed information, corporate data or other platforms and our Digital Empowerment, i.e. the support to management in the definition of actions to be taken based on data.


To recap

  • The IO platform is designed to help corporate management govern their digital presence
  • It is a platform that through heterogeneous KPIs collects and analyzes data on your website and that of your competitors, to help translate them into a solid web strategy.
  • The collected data is represented in 5 key categories of the digital project, the dynamic algorithm compares everything with the data of the industry and competitors present
  • Actionable insights are provided to help better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the web strategy to be implemented to optimize and grow your business accordingly.
  • You can choose two solutions based on the size of your company, and that you can try and test thanks to the free demo, by filling out the request form, and then decide whether to use it


For more information and to request a demo click here "


It is important today if you want to grow your business on the web to have a solid digital presence, in control and growing, even when the objectives are different (whether they are of turnover, awareness or positioning). IO was created with this purpose, a tool that can give you a clear and constantly updated picture of your digital presence, indicating the solutions to implement to make it grow and improve in relation to your competitors.

If you liked this article, then you'll appreciate Quodigi's support: we provide consulting and advisory services on web strategy and digital transformation. We have developed IO, the web intelligence platform designed for business decision makers. Learn more about what we do to support your company in its digital growth!


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Editorial staff Quodigi
Editorial staff Quodigi
Quodigi is a partner of digital transformation: we deal with digital business, web, data analytics, artificial intelligence and more generally with applied digital technologies, with a systemic approach and without losing sight of the interests of the customer. With these goals in mind, we bring to the table diversified and heterogeneous professionalism and skills, but always strongly integrated and at the service of teamwork.
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