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The Web intelligence platform, created by Digital Strategist for corporate management

What's IO?

Business intelligence applied to web project

IO is the advanced platform based on data analytics, developed by Quodigi on proprietary algorithm. It provides company management with an overview of the elements of its web project and indications for improving company performance compared to competitors in the sector.


Compare your website with competitors' websites. We offer you a simplified platform to make complex decisions

Competitive Analysis

An overview of your strengths and weaknesses, decide how to overcome the elements of fragility and guard the factors of excellence


Il monitoring ti permette di avere una visione chiara della tua presenza digitale dalla macro alla micro scala nel tempo

Dynamic algorithm

The IO algorithm is modulated on the peculiarities of your website and your industry, it evolves following the trends and changes involving the web.

Web e Marketing Intelligence

Check the general trend, in the relevant categories and KPIs of you and your competitors so that you don't miss any opportunity

Actionable Insights

Data-driven reporting that allows you to make more informed decisions and more effective actions

Govern complexity. Expand your digital presence

IO simplifies the decision-making process within the web strategy

Analizziamo oltre 30 KPI, classifichiamo i tuoi risultati e quelli dei tuoi competitor grazie al nostro algoritmo dinamico che si adatta al settore e alla tipologia del tuo sito web in 5 categorie rilevanti sulla presenza digitale. Abbiamo creato delle schede generali e di categoria per esporre i risultati con semplicità, per permetterti di prendere decisioni più consapevoli e basate sui dati


User Experience Quality

Quality web design

Mobile Experience


Technological quality

Website performance

Mobile performance

Mobile optimization

Digital Marketing

Brand diffusion

Advertising placement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media

Social media positioning

Social media engagement

Number of followers


Technological profiling

Data reading quality

Additional advanced tools


We have designed various solutions to suit the size and needs of your company


A snapshot of the company in its digital ecosystem to verify positioning


For small and medium-sized companies with needs for monitoring and optimizing their digital presence


For medium and large companies with needs to control and grow their digital presence

Try the platform without commitment

Demo and first exploratory analysis are free, then you choose whether to use it.

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It's a platform that helps you assess your digital presence and evaluate the effectiveness of your web strategy. 

It's designed for business leaders who want to have an overview of their web project, for executives who want to have an organic vision and the heads and managers of Digital departments.

IO is a cloud platform, we take care of the evolution and maintenance in order to simplify the governance of your web strategy. It is based on a proprietary algorithm that we constantly update in relation to your industry, trends and integrating new relevant KPIs or updating existing ones.
We activate an instance and track progress over time providing you with useful information about you and your competitors.

Yes. Write us for more information. Demo and first exploratory analysis are free of charge so you have the possibility to evaluate if it's right for you without any commitment.

IO is designed for SMEs and large companies that need to check, optimize and control their digital presence: it is a useful tool to govern their web strategy and have control over the competition.

The algorithm has been validated on

  • different sectors (B2C, B2B, PA...)
  • various types of website (e-commerce, platforms, showcase sites...)
  • various scales of business (from micro or local to medium and large enterprises)
  • various objectives (revenue growth or lead generation, positioning, awareness)

In the case of startups or micro companies with limited needs we offer platform-based framing solutions, however very useful to know your positioning and your strengths and weaknesses. Contact us for more information

Yes, we can work in partnership. Contact us for more information.

The Web intelligence platform, the web project monitoring and evaluation tool designed for management

We help you to build your online strategy with the right technological tools and to develop it in line with your business objectives.

We support you in the development of business units, spin-off or startup, on topics related to digital transformation